It's called the two step!

The two step is the best lead machine any business can have! Best of all, it can run 24 hours a day 7 days a week and it's free. The two step is developed to do one thing and one thing only: generate as many permission based, qualified leads as you can handle!

The two step is, as the name implies, a two step process.

The basic idea behind the two step approach is to create a free informational product that your target market will see as a valuable read or listen, such as a workshop, evaluation, checklist, newsletter, course or tip sheet. It should have a catchy title that's related to your business, like, "how to tell if your roofing contractor is lying." or "101 things you can do with your Ipod." This is sometimes referred to as bait.

Now that you have your value packed information product, every bit of your advertising - the yellow pages, magazine ads, direct mail, business cards, letterhead, email signature, online text ads should focus on getting people to request or download that report. Don't try to do anything else with your advertising, let the report sell for you. THAT'S STEP ONE!

A prospect who has downloaded the information is officially a hot lead! When a prospect visits your website, they're effectively raising their hand and identifying themselves as being interested in what you do. When that happens, the hardest part of your sales job is done. Capture all the names, mails, phone numbers, and addresses of those who request the report. Then your sales efforts can focus on taking that group- and only that group to the next step in the process. That could mean following up with an appointment, sending a coupon for an in store item, or simply more advanced mailings, however you wish to proceed to make the sale. THAT'S STEP TWO!

With this system in place your marketing efforts will become much easier. Additionally finding new business will become a much more rewarding and valuable experience.

We believe in the two step so much, that we use it for lead generation. Every time someone fills out a request for information, we capture contact information and give a discount coupon. Check out our two step lead capture system here.

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We won the Silver Communicator Award in 2010 for the work we did on the online MMORPG game

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